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Exclusive blog of games for Mobile / Smartphone, for those who love Mobile Games this site is complete!

The best tips for mobile games for you to detonate in games and make your game even easier.

The TIPS GAMES FOR MOBILE was created in order to provide quality information related to Games Mobile (mobile games).

Stay on top of the latest news from the world of Games Mobile and stay updated.

About Dicas Jogos Para Celular

About Dicas Jogos Para Celular

The dicas jogos para celular was created in order to provide quality information related to Games Mobile (mobile games).

Here you will find the best tips for different mobile games. Game Tips for Android, the most used platform in the world that has several interactive games for all audiences.

Game Tips for IOS, the Apple operating system, we will give several tips for you to spend hours playing with your Iphone or Imac.

We will bring together the best games from different platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows Phone and even Blackberry, a complete Blog!

We will seek information from secure sources and provide the best possible content on mobile games.

Here you will find complete and optimized content with everything you need to know in detail.

The Mobile Games on Dicas Jogos para Celular have won the world, games with perfect graphics, free games, excellent gameplay and due to the practicality of playing on the Smartphone, today it has been my preference, I have not played PS and XB for a while lol.

I have been creating websites and blogs since 2013, and in 2020 I decided to create my blog for mobile games and provide truthful and quality information, without tangling, let’s get to the point to dicas de jogos!

I’m tired of accessing gaming blogs with information without relevant and quality content.

Here you will find Tips for Mobile Games, news, everything from the world of Mobile Games.

About Mobile Games

About Mobile Games

Finding a way to entertain yourself can be tricky, even with a vast list of technological opportunities at our disposal, it is not that simple to choose something that will entertain us for hours.

If you like mobile games and are a little lost in which game to choose to play on your Android or IOS device, we are here to help you.

The mobile games are available for download on Android and iPhone (iOS) and, for the most part, are free, facilitating access by users. In addition, the titles are of different styles and can appeal to different types of players. Check below the list of the best mobile games of the year and see more details about each game.

Cell phones have evolved. They gained new functions and resources, becoming something essential in people’s lives, for work or leisure. You can edit texts, make spreadsheets, recordings, chat by voice, text or video messages and even play games. The Research Games Brazil 2020 points out that 86.7% of people who consume electronic games usually play on their smartphones.

And mobile games go beyond entertainment. Game streaming platforms complement the experience and enhance electronic games. This modality of games is also very important to demystify games, since they have come a long way to the present times.

In the late 1990s, cell phones started to gain new applications, such as notepad, calculator and, consequently, games. The first records are of the games entirely in text, where the user interacted through SMS.

The Evolution of Mobile Games

Mobile Games

The evolution of mobile games started with Snake, the famous “snake game”. But the big change began with the launch of feature phones, models of devices with Qwerty alphanumeric keyboards. The first versions of games were programmed in 2D and Java. With the arrival of smartphones, publishers started offering augmented reality games and extremely realistic graphics.

The launch of the Android and iOS operating systems, allowed access to a multitude of applications and games, establishing the mobile platform as one of the great pillars of the games industry. According to data from the 2019 NewZoo survey, mobile games accounted for 60% of the industry’s revenue in 2019.

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