How To Tackle Customers Who Aren’t Willing To Wear Masks In Your Premises

The covid-19 pandemic has put a check on businesses. Businesses are gradually opening in the past couple of months and are facing a new set of challenges. Each state has imposed different restrictions regarding the use of masks in public. Some are strict on their mask policy while some have relaxed the rules.

Importance of wearing masks:

Due to the rise in the number of infections in several states, it is advisable to wear a mask always when in public. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees and customers but problems arise when you run into customers who feel they aren’t infringing any rules and it is their right not to wear masks.

However, wearing masking isn’t a political statement. It is more about kindness and preventing others from contracting the infection. There is a 70% chance that a covid-19 carrier who doesn’t wear a mask can transmit the infection to another person who wears a mask while the risk falls 1.5% when both wear masks.

Place bulk order respiratory masks and offer them to customers who drop-by your building without wearing the mask. If you are looking for high-quality, affordable masks check out the wide selection of masks at Custom Earth Promos. They are a go-to choice for bulk mask purchases and several eco-friendly products in Florida.

What if a customer refuses to wear the mask?

  • Handle the situation calmly: Upset customers could utter stuff that irritates you but you should be careful about keeping your emotions in check. Designate someone who can amicably handle such situations.
  • Avoid getting into debates with the customer: Avoid debating or shaming a customer for not wearing a mask. You could just inform them that they aren’t allowed inside the premises without a mask. Avoid escalating the situation.
  • Blatantly refuse service: It is within your right to refuse to serve customers who don’t wear masks unless they have a medical reason for not wearing masks.
  • Provide alternate service: If your business deals with the sale of goods, you can offer alternate services like take away or delivery. Consulting business can stick to virtual meetings.
  • Contact law enforcement if the situation escalates: If your customer refuses to leave the premises and creates a ruckus, get the help of your security team or local law enforcement.

How to avoid these tricky situations?

Put up prominent signage:

Post visible signage at the entrance displaying that you won’t allow entry to those who don’t wear masks. Affix foot marking to establish that social distancing is compulsory inside the premises.

Don’t hesitate to fire customers: 

Customers contribute to one’s business growth but not at the expense of the health of employees and other customers. It is okay to lose a few customers.

Stand by your employees: 

Have a staff member placed at the entrance to remind customers to wear masks. Train your employees to handle upset customers and stand by them when they are dealing with tough customers.

Make a plan and be prepared ahead so that you can tackle the problem smoothly. Take care of the issue delicately as possible to maintain your business image.


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