Kitchen area Counter tops: A new Assessment Amongst Quartz In addition to Granite

Natural stones this sort of as quartz and granite make gorgeous and trendy organic stone counter tops. The primary differences in between these kitchen countertop materials are defined underneath.


Since far more engineering is essential to switch quartz into a shiny, sleek floor, quartz kitchen counter tops are generally pricier than granite kitchen countertops.

Visible Attraction: Color Matching v. Natural Striations

Granite’s special attractiveness makes it a fashionable materials for kitchen area counter tops, in spite of the fact that it demands a lot more maintenance than engineered quartz. Granite’s all-natural attractiveness stems from its swirling designs and striations – these characteristics can’t be identified in engineered quartz. Each granite countertop is distinctive. At the exact same time, several men and women like the way engineered quartz counters may possibly be dyed to match the surrounding decor.

Simple Construction: Reliable Rock vs. Molded Counter tops

To create natural stone countertops, granite ore is mined, reduce and polished. Given that granite countertops are designed from solid stone slabs, for a longer time expanses of countertop could require numerous slabs. Flawlessly matched colours are tough to find in different samples of organic granite. Furthermore, sealant need to be regularly used to the seams in-amongst stones.

In distinction, a combination of five % resin and ninety five percent crushed quartz goes into engineered quartz natural stone countertops. Additionally, coloration pigments may be integrated. is then poured into countertop molds. For this cause, molded quartz countertops do not demand typical re-sealing.

Permeability: Stains, Bacteria, and Mildew

Granite is generally produced up of numerous different minerals that have been fused together by pressure and high temperatures. In fact, the word granite will come to us from a Latin word for “grain.” Basically, a chunk of granite is an amalgamation of different “grains” of minerals. This building signifies that natural granite consists of pockets of air. If spills are not cleaned up right away, liquids can seep into the air pockets in granite kitchen countertops, leading to permanent stains. Furthermore, granite countertops need to be resealed consistently otherwise, they may possibly grow to be breeding grounds for mildew and mildew.

Since quartz is non-porous, quartz kitchen area counter tops are typically regarded as much more sanitary. Water can not sink into quartz counters, so mildew and mildew can’t increase in them, either. Lastly, numerous property owners value the fact that quartz countertops in no way call for sealing.

Longevity: Scratch and Chip Resistance

Here’s one more spot in which granite kitchen area counter tops are far more finicky. Granite might be chipped or scratched quartz, on the other hand, is so dense it are not able to be scratched or destroyed in this way. In simple fact, quartz is one particular of the most difficult components on the planet it typically outlasts any bordering minerals this kind of as sandstone and is usually found in stream sediments considering that it is extremely resistant to weathering. This helps make quartz a all-natural option for kitchen counter tops.

Counter Overhang Measurement

The spot that hangs over the cupboard profile is referred to as the overhang. Common counters 1.5-inch overhangs in other terms, the counter continues for a single and a 50 percent inches past the edge of the cupboard. Wider overhangs might be mounted to enable extra room for eating and food planning. Given that quartz is much better, quartz countertops can feature bigger overhangs than granite countertops. (If you want to put in granite countertops with broad overhangs, you will almost certainly need to have to include added supports below the granite slab.)

Remembering these variances can assist you select the very best kitchen counter tops for your house.

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