Las Vegas Helicopters Make Flying to the Grand Canyon Swift and Effortless

Why are Las Vegas helicopters the chosen way to pay a visit to the Grand Canyon? Basic. Pace, convenience, and rate.


Several people never understand that Las Vegas is 120 miles from the West Rim and that it normally takes a helicopter only forty five minutes to reach it. The South Rim is a diverse tale. It can be 270 miles from The Strip and calls for a 45-minute plane flight to Grand Canyon Airport, whereupon you transfer to your helicopter.

West Rim

The West Rim (also known as Grand Canyon West) is well known with Vegas readers for a few explanations: 1) It truly is a half working day tour two) you can fly to the bottom and 3) you can working experience the Grand Canyon Skywalk. West Rim visits consist of decide up and fall off at your Las Vegas resort, as well as a light snack, Champaign toast, or lunch. The greatest time to depart is in the morning so you’ll be back in Las Vegas by late afternoon.

Grand Canyon West is the only location wherever you can fly to the bottom of the Canyon, and you can enhance this deal to include a rafting vacation down the Colorado River. The other main attraction is the Skywalk. Acknowledged as the “Glass Bridge,” this horseshoe-shaped construction extends 70 toes outside of the rim, lifting you 4,000 ft the River.

South Rim

The South Rim trip, which features resort choose up and fall off, is really worth the extra effort mainly because it can be house to the Park’s world-famed views. The flight from Las Vegas lands at Grand Canyon Airport, where you are going to transfer to your to your helicopter. There are no base-landing heli tours right here. Alternatively, you will get amazing aerial sights of Hermit’s Rest, Mather Point, Dragoon Corridor, the North Rim and extra. Upgrades include an airplane flight to Glen Canyon Dam for a working day of incredible river rafting.


Las Vegas helicopter operators fly the EcoStar plane. These helis are crafted from the ground up for sightseeing. Cabin dimension is 25% more substantial than that of normal helicopters. Grand Canyon temperatures can be extreme, but are no match for the EcoStar’s local climate-handle program. Stadium seating, a configuration where seats are tiered and experience ahead, is standard. These plane integrate the Fenestron tail rotor, which reduces sounds by fifty%. For South Rim vacationers, set-wing plane handles the airplane section of your trip. Papillon, for instance, flies the Vistaliner, a aircraft customized with in excess of-sized windows and plush seats. Like an industry leader in helicopter manufacturing , the Vistaliner is silent, local climate-controlled, and streamlined for a smooth journey.


The most significant helicopter organizations in the U.S. operate in Las Vegas, such as Papillon, Maverick, and Sundance. This indicates there are a great deal of excursions to the Grand Canyon West and the South Rim from which to pick out. The marketplace is aggressive, also, and you are sure to find some great bargains. Since it is really the major operator, Papillon Helicopters provides the finest charges and promotions. Their very best West Rim tour is the Grand Celebration and their best South Rim a person is the Grand Canyon Deluxe with Helicopter. Maverick and Sundance have positioned themselves as large-stop companies of tours and their rates are larger than Papillon’s. That said, Maverick features the most tailor made outings and marriage offers. Tour rates for Grand Canyon West and the South Rim are similar, and assortment from $250 to $425-furthermore for each individual. Updates, these as river rafting, horseback driving, and ATV trail using, raise your price for each man or woman and are most effective booked forward of time as incorporating these updates during the tour will be marketed at a quality. To get rock-base value on these tours, book on-line.


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