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My Ideal Chocolate Candy Bars

As youngsters we all had our favored very best chocolate bars. For me it was one particular thing, for my mates one more. We all hovered around the same major 3 finest chocolate bars at that time. They have been the Snickers, Baby Ruth and the Musketeer chocolate candy bars. Despite the fact that a further favored of mine was Hershey’s milk chocolate almond candy bar.

Man, that was back in the day when we could get a chocolate candy bar for .35 cents and a soda for .55 cents and nonetheless get some penny candy all for under a dollar! I am old, it has finally happened, I am old. But I still like my favorite chocolate candy bars.

The Very best Chocolate Candy Bars

1. Snickers Candy Bars

2. Hershey’s Candy Bars

3. snickers brownies up is the Snickers bar. This bar is created by the firm Mars, Inc. and has existed considering that 1930. Named for a single of the Mars families horses, it has been well known because. It used to be identified as Marathon outside the US, but that name was changed to Snickers. Why is this 1 of the greatest chocolate bars ever produced, effectively since it is delicious that is why!

Peanuts, nougat, caramel all covered in milk chocolate make this bar have a small bit of almost everything all in ideal balance. I appreciate the crunchiness of the nuts mixed with the chewy caramel and nougat. The nuts and caramel separate it from the bland and boring 3 Musketeers and Milky Way. There are particular occasions I crave a excellent chocolate bar, and only a Snickers will do. For that it ranks higher on my list of most effective chocolate bars.

Second on the list is the Hershey chocolate almond bar. This bar is the my preferred Chocolate Bar and the one that is simple but satisfying. The very first bar was introduced in 1894 and when variations exist, when a single desires a superior old fashioned American chocolate bar, Hershey, is the one to enjoy.

Lastly, there’s the Baby Ruth. A little historical fact floating about is that the Baby Ruth chocolate candy bar was named after Ruth Cleveland, President Cleveland’s daughter. Some think it was named following Babe Ruth, but either way it is a single of my favorites that I got a lot of cavities consuming.

So, this may possibly not be your pick, but they are representations of a time when well being and chocolate consuming had been not on everyone’s mind as today. They have been meant for a snack, not your main meal. These had been the prime ones you went for at Halloween as well. So, what is your favored?