Record of cheap Australian domain names

Our new Australian domain name registration service is the cheapest in Australia. This is simply because we not only give you a .com.au. We also provide a corporate business service at a cost of starting small businesses. Fororable for each Australian!

All our domain names also come with the additional follwing. Many other domain name registration companies here in Australia do not offer all the extracts that we are now providing all of our customers of domain names.

Now we offer with each domain extension.

Free Anycast DNS servers: This gives you faster aspect speeds and a high level of redundancy

Distributed web hosting and free Clustod: This means that your website is loaded on several high-speed high-speed servers. Not just one

Free 1 Click Application Installers, such as WordPress, Joomla, Ecommerce, Pay Sways, Blog Publication Tools and Online Security Copies

Unlimited DNS records.

Free subdomains.

Free URL forwarding.

Free forwarding by email.

Free delegation of domain names.

Free custom name servers.

Free domain administrator tool.

Add your website to Google’s search engine for free so that it can be found.

Free statistics and analyzes of the site that allow you to track the views of your website and where they come from.

Automatic load balance.

Improved security.

High network network.

99.99% of activity time. Your website will never go down. Never.

Free transfers of Best Domain Name Registration Australia. It costs nothing to transfer your domain name to our Amazig, one of a friendly Australian service.

And more.

Many other domain name registration companies and web hosting do not offer free extras. We are the only domain name recorder in Australia that offers this huge suite of free services with each domain name and web hosting product. We use the leader web hosting platform in the industry. Complete or rich and incredible functions to completely customize your services.

Our domain name prices .AU start at only $ 24.98 per year and includes all additional additional services above. In other places, everything you get is your domain name and the ability to change your delegation configuration and that’s it.

We offer much more! Do not be fooled by cheap accommodation packets of $ 3.00 per month from anywhere else. All you get is an account and your website is hosted on a single server slower with hundreds, sometimes, thousands of websites that are staying at a single web hosting server. This is fully restricted at much slower speeds and their data is not always backed up. When you upload your website to our servers. We automatically distribute your website to several other accommodation servers. Not only that we mentioned other providers give it. This means that your website is loaded balanced between all our servers that gives you the best freight speed of fast websites. It is not necessary for you to configure your own backup copies or distributed systems. We do all this completely automatically for you. Therefore, even if two of our hosting servers decrease at the same time (which never happens anyway), our other grouped servers will keep your website running. We also make a full backup of your website every week, and then we run incremental backups every day. Therefore, your small businesses or corporate data are completely safe with us.

Do you want to pay for the cheapest domain name record and accommodation that gives you a lot in terms of flexibility, reliability, speed and additional configuration options? Or would you like all extractions at very affordable prices with us? Giving a complete advanced control over your domain name.

We also offer a domain locking system. What makes it impossible for SQAutters and domain thieves to steal and accurate their domain name. This happens more than you think. And it can result in faces and long cutting battles to recover your domain name. Especially if you have a valuable name. So keep your domain name safe with us with our domain blocking and privacy services.


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