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The 9 Best Free Inventory Management Software Options for 2022

Inventory management software allows firms to keep track of their products, tools, and assets with ease. They are used independently, for example, to track products in a factory or to keep track of retail items. Many people work with point-of-sale (POS) or other computerised systems. Free inventory management software generally has a limit on the quantity of products you can use or the features you can utilise. Although most have premium plans, the free version generally suffices for a small firm or solopreneur.

Zoho Inventory

Paid plans for Zoho Inventory start at $79 per month with monthly billing.

Zoho Inventory’s free plan includes a variety of inventory tools that will help your organisation flourish. Low stock warnings, kitting and packaging options, and different connections with eCommerce platforms, CRM software, and payment gateways are all included in the features. It also has shipping options, such as the ability to print packing slips and create mailing labels. Although it is the highest-rated inventory software on our list, its mobile app makes it the greatest solution for businesses who operate on the move.

Unlike Odoo and Square, Zoho’s free plan limitations—such as constraints on sales orders, shipping labels, and shipment tracking—along with the lack of real-time and multilocation tracking—let it down slightly. Overall, Zoho is a wonderful deal, and it came out on top in our review of the best inventory management software.


Odoo’s open-source inventory management tool is available as a separate solution for free. The inventory app alone has practically all of the features you’ll need for basic inventory management. Odoo is a great option for warehouses and dropshippers with high-volume sales since it has no constraints on users, locations, or commodities (but so are others on this list). However, it is the only platform that provides e-learning-specific functionality, such as course tracking. As a result, we suggest it for tutoring services, schools, and other businesses that provide online courses as well as physical resources such as books, workbooks, or kits.

The Community plan of Odoo Inventory contains a lot of cool features, but you’ll need to upgrade to the premium licencing plan to get the full power of Odoo, which includes workshop planning and scheduling, quality control, barcode scanning, and mobile app use. This premium plan is also required to interface with third-party applications.


Paid Square Plans start at $60 per month.

Square is frequently lauded as being the best free point-of-sale (POS) solution for small businesses, and it has a comprehensive array of inventory management features. Square also offers an eCommerce platform, which is a great option for retail stores. Square is the ideal solution for retailers who wish to manage inventory at a low cost.

Square gets high marks for simplicity of use and cost. Square should have scored higher but for the lack of kitting and packing skills, stock management across several sites, and restricted customer service hours. It’s also not as customizable as Odoo.

Odoo, like Zoho, has a fantastic mobile app, but it concentrates on sales rather than inventory. On the whole, Square is the ideal solution if you want an all-in-one app (eCommerce, point-of-sale, and inventory).

Advanced inventory functions such as kitting, automated purchase orders, COGS tracking, and smart stock forecasting are not available in Square’s free edition. You’ll need to subscribe to Square for Retail for $60 per month to get these capabilities. To see why Square POS is the best free inventory management software for shops, read our entire Square POS review. If you choose, it can link with other inventory software.

ABC Inventory

Paid Plans with ABC Inventory start at $435 for a one-time cost.

ABC Inventory by Almyta Systems, although being a locally installed system with an outdated interface, has a lot of features that make it a good choice for manufacturers or repair shops on a small budget with simple demands. It has an infinite number of custom fields, ten custom dropdown lists for extra characteristics, and a bill of materials with up to 20 layers.

It’s a more sophisticated inventory management system than Square, Zoho, or even our top-rated Odoo. It also includes a slew of industry-specific features, such as work orders, approvals, repair and maintenance orders, and unique serials for manufacturing and engineering.

ABC’s free edition includes all tools, making it an excellent choice for a small firm with a single location. If you wish to network the software over numerous workstations, you’ll need the premium version. If you want any form of assistance, you’ll need to buy one of its licences. Free add-ons and lifetime upgrades are free of charge with all purchased licences.


Boxstorm is a fully-featured and user-friendly interface created by Fishbowl Inventory that connects using QuickBooks and eCommerce because of the constraints on item quantities and transactions, it’s more suited to small enterprises, but it also provides a fairly priced paid subscription if you outgrow the free app. It also has a smartphone application; however, this app isn’t as popular as Zoho’s or Square’s. One standout feature is the ability to track products by expiration date, lot, or serial number, which is particularly valuable for commodities with a short shelf life.

Although Boxstorm’s CRM manager isn’t as complete as Zoho’s, it does include more powerful vendor management options than Square’s free version.

Boxstorm’s free plan contains all of the features of the premium plan, so you’ll only need to purchase the premium version if you need to manage more transactions or items. The premium service, which costs $79 per month for one user and includes an unlimited number of locations, commodities, and transactions, is available for $79 per month. If you require more users, you may do so for $9 per month.


SalesBinder is a fantastic inventory software that works in over 130 countries. This easy-to-use layout also allows for more in-depth customization. No other inventory tracker on our list limits the number of monthly records it counts as inventory items, accounts, or orders under its free plan.

Integrations are not available in SalesBinder’s free plan. It does, however, provide powerful inventory recording and monitoring capabilities, as well as significant sales and customer relationship management capabilities. When you consider that the plans start at just $9 per month (the lowest aside from RightControl), it’s an excellent choice for small businesses with limited customers and inventory, as well as those that are just getting started.

SalesBinder scores well in the categories of inventory characteristics and expert score. SalesBinder might have gotten a higher grade if its free plan had no product or user constraints and enabled integrations.

Except for integrations, the free plan has all of the features of the premium plans. The only restrictions are on the number of records and users. The subscription plans are among the most cost-effective we’ve encountered for adding more users, records, or integrations. The monthly fees range from $9 for one user, 2,500 records, and no integrations to $99 for 100,000 records, 50 users, and unlimited integrations. It also offers price levels that include limitless records.


Sortly is a cloud-based inventory management application that tracks activity, location, barcodes, and audit trails. Its most notable feature, though, is its built-in barcode scanner mobile app, which allows you to scan barcodes and QR codes even when you’re not connected to the internet. This allows you to scan inbound and outbound inventory even if your phone app isn’t connected to the internet. When you go online, it instantly syncs with your account. While Zoho’s mobile app features an offline option, Sortly enables inventory for many locations.

Even on the free plan, Sortly gives you full access to their barcode scanning mechanism. You can have integrations, produce custom barcodes, and utilise external/handheld scanners if you upgrade to the Ultra plan ($99/month). Low-stock notifications, as well as additional entries and custom fields, are included in the Advanced Plan ($49/month).

Canvus’ Stockpile inventory system is the only programme on our list that does not require a paid subscription. It’s a pure inventory system, unlike Square, which is related to its retail, or the other systems on our list, which contain eCommerce capabilities and connectors. As a result, we recommend it for companies that have a lot of simple inventory but don’t require the sales arm. If you require kitting or packaging, however, Odoo should be considered.

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