The Minimalist luxury sneaker is dead It’s also a good dance From Us

Sneakers de Creme Creme is a carefully curated community marketplace that sells designer sneakers. Our aim is to make designer sneakers affordable and accessible to all. It’s hard to find the right trainers often, particularly at a reasonable cost. That’s why we’ve designed SDLC. SDLC offers a variety of kicks available. If you’re saving for a pair or designer trainers, check out our online store now!

Minimalists are out, and maximalists is in, across all areas from fashion to interiors and particularly in the realm of luxury sneakers. The minimalist white trainers that were popular for years now, instead, we have extravagant, bold styles from brands that speak of a 1990s sneakers revival.

For many years, stylish sneakers such as Lavin low-tops in block colour shades or Common Projects bright white kicks have ruled the market. Now, designers are heading back to their roots with styles that are labeled as bold, striking and, in particular big.

We’re all aware that high-end brands can carry high costs. So that’s why websites such as are so valuable for luxury sneakers aficionados. Find Men’s Designer sneakers made by Prada, Yeezy and other brands. They also sell Women designer shoes made by Valentino, Alexander McQueen, and many more. is a marketplace where users can sell their luxury sneakers New Balance – as long as they’re still in optimum condition. There’s also the option of buying an amazing selection of designer trainers at discounted prices on the site at amazing prices.

All products are authenticated and tested for quality before being sold. Explore our collection of designer sneakers at reasonable costs. Sell them to our online community of sneaker enthusiasts!

If you’re looking for shoes that are a focal point take a look at the best of sneakers for designers – Prada. The high-shine, huge-impact metallic sneakers are the perfect choice. What do we think of the revival of sneakers from the 90s? These sumptuous platforms exude retro style in abundance.

Motivated to this idea, Jcael decided to create SNEAKERS DE LA CREME. He picked the name due to the fact that sneakers are worn by casual, regular shoes, that are comfortable and casual. De la creme is of the finest quality. The two are merged and creating an online market in which high quality sneakers are available and sold at a price that is affordable. The website also offers buyers the chance to offer new designer sneakers which isn’t the norm for the majority of online stores.

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