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Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is one of the largest online markets in the world, there are thousands of companies that supply their goods in amazon warehouses, amazon is also a trusted online store in the world. So selling on Amazon is one of the best ways to earn a lot of money on the internet.
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Amazon offers 2 types of cooperation programs, namely we as sellers or sellers and as product owners, and also affiliates as marketers of products on Amazon. As a seller or merchant on Amazon, of course, you will need product and company verification to join as a merchant.

With a number of strict conditions that must be met in order to become a merchant on Amazon, so to become a merchant this requires more energy and professionalism in doing business.

But for those of you who are not ready to become merchants, there are still other ways to earn income on Amazon, that is by becoming an affiliate. The affiliate’s job is to market amazon products as much as possible without breaking the TOS from Amazon, so the commission can be liquid every month.

Being an Amazon affiliate is not so difficult, there are many people out there earning hundreds to thousands of dollars a month from Amazon, in the right way it does not rule out the possibility that you can also make hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars or if you spend up to tens of millions a month.

The following article will provide an Amazon business guide to earn monthly income.

Registering amazon affiliate programs is not so difficult and does not require any fees, registering only by using an email address such as registering on social media that everyone can already do. Registering on Amazon also does not require having a high-traffic website like registering on an Adsense program.

Create an Amazon product review website

One of the best ways to promote Amazon products with small capital is to use a website review, we make a website review for a particular product or product category on Amazon. To help you doing keyword research on Amazon, you can use ZonGuru ( It is a powerful tools with 12 features inside to give you maximum profits on Amazon.

The advantage of using a website review is that sales conversions can be very large, because people who are looking for product reviews are people who have the desire to buy but try to find more detailed information about the product. After they get the information they need they will decide to buy the product, this is where we will get a profit or sales commission.

Determine web topics

The first step before creating an amazon website is to determine the topic of the website, this web topic will be the product topic that we will review on our website. Amazon has hundreds of product topics that we can specify. For example, we determine the topic of LCD monitor products, so our website is a web that reviews LCD monitors.

Simply determine the topic of the web can be seen from the product that is the current trend, and research trends on google trends. Trend that must be seen no more than one year.

Write a review article

After you determine the topic of the web, the next step is to start writing review articles, we can see this review article from the reviews of buyers of these products, because the best-selling products have reviews from buyers of these products, here you only need to re-write the reviews. they.

You can also write about the advantages or features of these products that you can get product descriptions, because merchants will definitely provide complete product features. Don’t forget to add photos of the product.

Do SEO optimization

After determining the topic of the web, writing articles the next thing you should not forget is to create a web that is SEO friendly, by doing SEO optimization both onpage SEO and SEO offpages. Make our website more SEO friendly so that our website can rank on page 1 of Google and get visitors from there.

Onpages optimization is an optimization in terms of our web, meta tags, titles, web descriptions or writings and more. While offpages optimization is SEO optimization that we do outside of our web like building links that lead to our web, of course done correctly in accordance with whitehat SEO science.